Affaire D'Eau Salles de bains & trouvailles
Amsterdam, Haarlemmerdijk

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  • winkelen amsterdam affaire deau
    Antique bathroom interiors and baths, washingtables, accessories, faucets. Everything you need to restore the original flair of your bathroom. Or create your own nostalgic bathroom. Specialty is the mantra ‘Forgotten Antiques’. Historically grounded Furniture with a story behind it. 

    Antique bathroom furniture of good quality. Mainly stemming from 1850 to 1930; empire, art nouveau, even pure art deco. Also museumpieces with contemporary adjustments. It’s possible to have your bathrooms customized to fit your classical interiors perfectly. 

    High quality, a high level of personal attention. Knowledgeable staff, oriented towards contemporary luxury. 

    Antique furniture isn’t necessarily more expensive than contemporary design. Affaire d’eau carries a collection of affordable authenticity. Bathroom accessories will make for a nice gift. 

    Antique furniture, in addition to faucets by Herbeau, Robinetterie de Paris. Replica toilet-seats, Thomas Crapper and beautiful replica accessories by America Retold.