• winkelen heemstede agusto edelsmid juwelier
  • winkelen heemstede agusto edelsmid juwelier
    Agusto is one of those unique little places we just love. That’s because Agusto has been the number one specialist in exclusive jewelry made of precious metal, gold, silver, and platinum. All jewelry are made with love and craftsmanship in the home atelier, or are bought from carefully selected fellow goldsmiths. You can also come here for a select collection of designer watches. The custom-made jewelry, and the true craftsmanship, are appreciated by many customers, who come to Agusto for them. Milestones in life such as births, marriages, birthdays and graduations are times that call for a special gift. Agusto loves to oblige with a personal touch.

    The home-made collection is unique, and the other collections are distinguished by a unique character, shape, and exclusivity. Agusto’s jewelry can’t be found anywhere else, which is great when you’re looking for a remarkable and unique piece of jewelry or a watch. Many customers know where to find this store for having their precious jewelry custom made, but also repaired. The ultra-modern atelier, with many technical capabilities (such as laser welding), offers extra opportunities for expert repair or restoration of your beloved jewelry.

    The three charming ladies and the owner love to help you out with expert advice. The beautiful store is roomy. The open goldsmith atelier in the rear of the store, has lots of glass and has a light, airy look. This makes the glass cases with the different themes such as gold, silver, steel, and the watch collection, really come alive.

    For your and our safety you must ring the bell, but don’t be hesitant: you’re more than welcome here. Agusto’s atelier is one of the first in the Netherlands to receive the ‘old-fashioned business’ certificate by the Hoofdbedrijfschap van Ambachten. This certificate is given under a strict quality guideline, and is audited yearly. On the Binnenweg you’ll find many more store owners who are behind the counter themselves, and care about quality of service. The product collection is also very diverse. By the modernizing of the street, a beautiful and relaxed look has emerged. With some luck you can park right near the door.

    Besides the jewelry made in the home atelier, the store carries the following brands: Swivel, van Pur en Charlotte, Vincent van Hees, Cardillac, Otracosa, Xen, Noen. Op het gebied van horloges: Braun, Lago, Arne Jacob, Easy going, Jaques Lemans, Themata.