• winkelen haarlem ananda
  • winkelen haarlem ananda
    A relaxing oasis in the midst of fast paced urban life. Escape the material world for a while, and open your mind to the most exotic products with a spiritual aspect. A broad range of books, (gem)stones, jewelry, incense, statues, tarot cards, gifts, cd’s, dvd’s, etc.

    The enthusiastic staff have a healthy affinity for the spiritual world and they love educating newcomers. Many of the products are from the Far East, and almost every item has a symbolic meaning. A great place to find meaningful gifts.

    Situated in the shadow of V&D: just as good a location, but a lot more relaxing. Ananda distinguishes itself by an accessible, stimulating ambiance, which is generated by soothing music and mystic scents. This colorful shopping paradise is definitely worth a visit.

    For an extensive description of the collection, head to Ananda’s website.