Angel Agudo Hair & Fashion
Amsterdam, De Pijp

  • winkelen amsterdam angel agudo
  • winkelen amsterdam angel agudo
    The store’s collection of brands is incredibly strong, including Scandinavian, Italian and Dutch fashion for self-aware, modern men, complemented by leather shoes and slippers, leather bags, shawls, sunglasses, silver and ethnic jewellery, boxers and other accessories. The hair salon is aimed at both men and women, and it carries an extensive selection of hair care and styling products.

    Angel Agudo Hair & Fashion has everything a man might need to style himself. They purposefully focus on Scandinavian brands: very fashionable, well cut, rich materials, excellent price-to-quality ratio, and, quite importantly, a good fit for Dutch men.

    The store has a beautiful art deco front. The store consists of two sections, the clothing store is located in the front, and in the back you’ll find the small professional hair salon, with a view of the small garden and the Oranjekerk.

    Owners Miguel en Gerard are always present in the store. They know their customers and their customers know them. They know regular customers’ sizes by heart. They only offer items that they would like to wear themselves. The store is one big walk-in closet with clothing in their personal style: a mix of Miguel’s Spanish temperament and Gerard sensibility.

    Fashion: Bruuns Bazaar, Converse, Daniele Fiesoli, Drykorn, Gabba, Filippa K, Kuyichi, Levi's, Nudie, RA-RE. Hair -and styling products from Paul Mitchell and Fudge.