• winkelen amsterdam appel67
  • winkelen amsterdam appel67
    Looking for a fun outfit? Be sure to check out Appel67, in the heart of De Pijp, and very close the always lively Albert Cuyp market. Here, youíll find a beautiful mixture of great brands for both ladies and gentlemen. Appel67 has a well-earned reputation for surprising designs and prints, and for beautiful materials. From hip, Scandinavian brands to Italian design and your favorite jeans: Appel67 has it all.

    Appel67ís slogan is: ĎLet fashion, style, and attitude make life more beautifulí. This translates directly into the diverse, original brands of clothing and accessories such as stylish boots, hip pumps, and matching bags. The different labels available at Appel67 are known for their comfort, quality, and excellent fit. Quality is of key importance at this store. Drop by, and be surprised by the unique collection.

    The store is small yet full of atmosphere. It is very inviting, and the different brands are displayed neatly and beautifully.

    Early birds take notice: on weekdays, the store opens at 11 am. If you donít live nearby, or if you donít have time, you can buy your favorite items via the web shop, available 24/7! De Pijp is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Amsterdam for a reason; besides the Albert Cuyp market, there are many unique stores and cafes. Itís a real winner for a fun day of shopping!

    Aaiko, Adidas, Ana Alcazar, Ash, Drykorn, Clarks, Collection PRC, Filipa K, Fred Perry, Goosecraft, Liebeskind, Mads Norgaard, Nudie Jeans, Ted Baker, Whitte, 0039 Italy and many others.