Artwear Jordaan
Amsterdam, Jordaan

  • winkelen amsterdam artwear jordaan
  • winkelen amsterdam artwear jordaan
  • winkelen amsterdam artwear jordaan
  • winkelen amsterdam artwear jordaan
  • winkelen amsterdam artwear jordaan
    People often think that the most creative designs aren’t practical, but this store proves them wrong. The extensive collection only shows beautiful but wearable jewelry. Pieces with great artistic flair that come in all shapes and sizes. The store carries both clothing and jewelry, by different Dutch and American designers. The jewelry is made by owner Jan Major. For her designs, she uses only the very best stones, such as semi-precious stones. Clothes by Dorie van Dijk and Phylene Lemans are renowned for their felt designs, and wool and silk accessories. Cathrien Strum crafts handmade accessories, shawls, baby sweaters, and beanies. Besides all these great products, the collection contains many more beautiful items. For example, there’s a ‘vintage corner’ and a collection of authentic, ethnic Chinese jewelry – a true must-have for the collector!

    The store distinguishes itself by unique and wearable designs by different Dutch and American designers. All designs are handmade, and of the highest quality. The collection also contains limited-editions, which are only available here. Custom orders are also taken – you can have your old pieces renovated, for example by having the store use its stones in a new design. If you love creative, individual designs in jewelry and clothing, you’ve come to the right place. If you also care about quality, the collection will appeal to you even more. Prices vary from 5 euros to 500 euros, which means there’s something here for every budget. You can also order items via the website. Since there’s something here for any occasion, many brides know where to find this store to buy jewelry that matches their wedding dress.

    The atmosphere in the store is warm and friendly, and the store is filled with colorful designs, soft fabrics, and glistening stones. As the name suggests, the store is in the heart of de Jordaan, a neighborhood where most locals would love to live. The beautiful Brouwersgracht is an amazing locale for this store.

    Owner Jan is always looking for new talent. Are you new to the game, or someone who has design experience? Feel free to contact the store for an appointment, or you can come by to have a look.

    Individual designs by, among others, Jan Major, Dorie van Dijk, Cathrien Strum, and Phylene Lemans.