• winkelen amsterdam astamangala
  • winkelen amsterdam astamangala
    This store houses beautiful, old works of art from Tibet, Nepal and India.

    Astamangala offers a wide collection of wonderful and extraordinary objects from Tibet, Nepal and India. They are all unique objects from an amazing culture. The store is very internationally oriented and it draws customers from every corner of the globe. The store offers a lot of variation and surprises, making it a place you’d love to come back to.

    The store’s atmosphere is influenced by the products it sells. Especially the (religious) Tibetan art, and its beautiful colours, provide a warm atmosphere.

    In 1979, De Vries started his store. He studied Art and Tibetology in Amsterdam and Leiden, after which he spent a lot of time travelling the relevant parts of the world. His store started out as a bit of a hobby, but he never stopped.