Bagel & Juice
Eindhoven, De Bergen

  • winkelen eindhoven bagel juice
  • winkelen eindhoven bagel juice
    New York style bagels, Club Sandwiches and delicious fresh juices; Eddie van der Berg has built a store with Bagel & Juice that makes you feel like you’re in a New York deli.

    The number one rule at Bagel & Juice is that everything has to be fresh. The fruit for the juices is very fresh, as are the ingredients used for the bagels and sandwiches; all are replaced daily. Eddie truly believes in dealing with fresh products.

    Because of the many international students (of t he Design Academy) who visit B & J, the store has a very international atmosphere. This also has a lot to do with the American food.

    Eddie returned from the USA inspired, believing that a concept such as that of B & J would do well in the Netherlands. This definitely seems to be the case and in the nicest street of Eindhoven you may come and see the result.