Barneys Uptown
Amsterdam, Haarlemmerstraat

  • winkelen amsterdam barneys uptown
  • winkelen amsterdam barneys uptown
    Barney’s Brasserie is known for its delicious breakfasts and lunch menus. There is a wide offering of breakfasts at Barney’s. From pancakes to delicious omelets, but also veggie, burritos and traditional breakfasts. For lunch, Barney’s burger is a must-try.

    Great quality and service are important here, and the price is very reasonable and honest.

    The great, relaxed atmosphere makes people feel welcome, and it makes them want to linger. Stress vanishes when one enters Barney’s.

    The interior decorating, done by Derry & Martine Potgeiser, is famous for its smooth, flowing structures, and gives the interior a surrealistic appeal.