Bazar Amsterdam
Amsterdam, De Pijp

  • winkelen amsterdam bazar amsterdam
  • winkelen amsterdam bazar amsterdam
    Bazar in Amsterdam claims to be a world eatery, and rightly so. You can enjoy all kinds of delicious dishes from the Middle East and the Mediterranean, in a typical Oriental atmosphere.

    Bazar’s menu is very versatile, allowing you to choose from a great number of different dishes, primarily from the Middle East and Northern Africa.

    As soon as you set foot inside this eatery, you’ll think you’ve stepped into the Middle East. It’s a rather large establishment (it’s housed in an old church), but also very warm and welcoming. The wall is covered with large mosaics, the tables are colourful, the lanterns are in-theme, and the staff is friendly.

    On weekends, Bazar is open from 9am, so you can stop by for breakfast, a cup of fresh coffee, deliciously fresh mint tea or a delightful lunch. On weekdays, you’re welcome from 11am. Diner is served until late in the evening.