Bazar Restaurant & Hotel
Rotterdam, Witte de Withstraat

  • winkelen rotterdam bazar
  • winkelen rotterdam bazar
    Hotel & Wereldeethuis Baza serves dishes that originate primarily from northern Africa and the Middle East. The restaurant can serve a maximum capacity of over 200 guests. What sets Hotel & Wereldeethuis apart from the rest is the fact that it also possesses twenty-seven hotel rooms. Not just fine cuisine, but a wonderful stay in the hotel as well will make any visit a special event.

    The hotel rooms are decorated in an Oriental, African or Latin American style. Typical is the joyful atmosphere and the low prices. The hotel/restaurant as an ambience of a market (bazar) on a faraway holiday destination. Hotel & Wereldeethuis is located in the middle of the city’s cultural centre. During summertime, a spacious terrace is available. Its central location and unique atmosphere make Bazar more than suitable for small groups who come to visit one of the city’s many cultural festivals, but of course individual travellers and guests are more than welcome to come and get a taste of the atmosphere as well. All rooms are equipped with a shower and/or bath, colour television set and minibar.

    Ever since 1997, Hotel & Wereldeethuis Bazar has been located in the monumental building on the corner of the Witte de Withstraat and the William Boothlaan. Nine years ago, restaurants like this one did not exist, and there was an apparent need for something new.