• winkelen amsterdam beauregard
  • winkelen amsterdam beauregard
    Beware! A visit to this candy shop of women’s accessories is at own risk. Because before you know it, you cannot stop shopping. Beauregard is a walhalla for people who love fun and hip accessories. Jewelry, sashes, bags, wallets, slippers, bikini’s, shawls, boots, jeans and fashion. Finally, a store with items that or not for sale everywhere. It promotes the buying state of mind. Especially because the trendy accessories are extremely easy to order as well.

    This boutique has a lot of atmosphere and is characterised by a special blend of warmth, good music, pleasant scents, enthusiastic employees and original items. And of course, the constantly renewed collection is also a great source for original gifts.

    The warm ambience instills a Mediterranean Ibiza-feeling. And obviously, the fun items attract a fun audience, which only promotes the laid-back atmosphere.

    In Amstelveen, the boutique grew to a true phenomenon in 6 years. And so the owner Corrine Zwart, decided to open a second store in the fun ‘9 Straatjes’. It is also the second store where the entire collection of house brand Beauregard is available for purchase.

    Next to our own labels Beauregard and SO-BEAU we have o.a. Aim, Anna+Nina, Blinckstar, Beatrice SanFrancisco, Cowboysbag, Hippy Chick, Isato, Ibiza people, Knitted, Lazamani, Lott, Mavi Jeans, Nu by staff, OSI ,Transmission & Bridget the label.