Berlage Kantoor & Kado
Den Haag, Hofkwartier

  • winkelen den haag berlage kantoorvakhandel
  • winkelen den haag berlage kantoorvakhandel
    In this exclusive office supply store you’ll find office products, leather organizers, luxury pens and pencils, gift items, printer cartridges, paper, globes, calendars, greeting cards, chess games, beautiful maps, luxury picture frames etc.

    A store where you may come for trendy products for home and office besides the large collection of office supplies. Many products you’ll find here aren’t available at the competitors, or in much smaller quantities.

    Berlage has a very modern and luxurious appeal. This is further emphasized by the beautiful building by the famous architect Berlage, where the store is located.

    At this location, an office supply store has existed for over 100 years. So, Berlage is definitely a big name in the Hague!

    Succes, Moleskine (notebooks), Parker, Waterman, Montblanc, Cross en Lamy.