Bettie Boek
Den Bosch, Centrum

  • winkelen den bosch bettie boek
  • winkelen den bosch bettie boek
    A paradise for bookworms who love affordable classics and contemporary best sellers. Book loving Den Bosch has lovingly opened its arms for Bettie Boek. Not just because of the unparalleled broad collection of second hand books, but also because of the beautiful, authentic setting, in which the refined literary collection is truly done justice.

    The passion for novels and history is apparent in the wide and accessible collection. The focus is mainly on contemporary writers, who—together with a broad selection of essential classics—account for the lion’s share of the collection.

    Art has always been closely connected with this unique location. The special history of the building has left a number of distinct marks. Illustrious former occupants of the building include Gallery Van den Berg and Luïscus Books, certainly not the least of predecessors to Bettie Boek. The central location and large diversity in restaurants, stores and houses makes the environment a thriving place where there is never a dull moment.

    Her passion for literature made owner Bettie van den Berg decide to open this wonderful book store. The enthusiasm with which she receives her guests make Bettie Boek one of the most highly appreciated stores in Den Bosch.

    Second hand books.