Biggie Best
Den Bosch, Centrum

  • winkelen den bosch biggie best den bosch
  • winkelen den bosch biggie best den bosch
    At Biggie Best Home, they have fabrics, beds, lamps, flooring, wallpaper, accessories, linen wear and spreads in lovely English styles.

    Much of the furniture, fabrics and accessories that you buy here, come from England. You come across the Country, rural style, not forgetting the special flowers. You can create a rustic environment in your own house. Besides the imported products, the shop has its own brands of fabrics and furniture, of a very high quality.

    The shop has, so as you would expect, a typical English ambiance: warm and atmospheric, but direct.

    The owners Alfred and Manuela Ackermans import the whole assortment on their own from England. In this manner they can make their own choice and then you are guaranteed to have products of a high quality.

    Biggie Best, Romo, Chivasso, Carlucci, Dodo, Eastborn, Kirkby House, Villa Nova, Sandberg en Aardeko.