• winkelen utrecht bigoli
  • winkelen utrecht bigoli
    Bigoli offers a dizzying array of fresh Mediterranean specialties. Pasta’s, tapa’s and anti-pasti, sausages, hams, cheeses, wines, oils and vinegars, bread, fresh herbs and vegetables. But also coffee and cookies. This is the place to buy all of the ingredients for a night of truly Italian dining, all in one go. You can prepare it yourself at home, or order it to-go and take it home readily prepared. Buon appetito!

    Throughout the day, there is always someone cooking in this culinary paradise is. The wonderful smells are enough to make your mouth water instantly. It takes a strong will to withstand this. Bigoli is home to varied clientele, which should not come as a surprise for something as universal as good food.

    Fine dining should be done in a warm, rich ambience. The same applies ideally to grocery shopping as well. Bigoli’s warm colours and antique cabinets exude an instant Mediterranean atmosphere. No streamlined, impersonal decoration here, but a warm Italian “Salumeria” atmosphere. You can imagine yourself being in Italy, even with your eyes closed. The cooks will make sure of that!