Bijzonder-heden Atelierwinkel
Zwolle, Zwolle Centrum

  • winkelen zwolle bijzonder heden
  • winkelen zwolle bijzonder heden
  • winkelen zwolle bijzonder heden
  • winkelen zwolle bijzonder heden
  • winkelen zwolle bijzonder heden
    Atelier-store Bijzonder-heden offers remarkable items to love. You'll find a surprising and original collection of jewelry, purses, clothing, ceramics, home accessories, gift items, and applied art. The products are mostly handmade from natural materials, and therefore unique. Come and have a look at this artistic store, for an original gift for someone close to you, or perhaps just for yourself.

    Especially the jewelry, felt items, and bags are very popular. This is not surprising, as these are mostly unique and have their own soul. Each article has something special about it. The store came forth from the owners' passion for creating, and her love for beautiful things.

    Bijzonder-heden is a small, cozy store in one of Zwolle's oldest streets. Due to the tasteful presentation and the combination of handmade and serially produced products, this store has an original interior. The neighborhood has an authentically historical atmosphere. It's Zwolle's cultural neighborhood containing Museum De Fundatie, the filmhouse, and the theater.

    Bijzonder-heden also does custom jobs. Because many products are handmade, much is possible. Looking for something special? Feel free to ask about the possibilities!

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