Bis Restaurant
Utrecht, Centrum

  • winkelen utrecht bis restaurant
  • winkelen utrecht bis restaurant
    This mid-sized restaurant offers an enjoyable variation of French, Spanish (tapas) and oriental cuisines.

    The varied selection of dishes make Bis stand out from the crowd, very suitable for both lunch and dinner, with nice surroundings, a frequented, popular place without ever getting overcrowded. Try the garlic flavored gambas, a specialty of the house. The restaurant is situated among walkways but a parking garage is nearby.

    A contemporary establishment with a few historic touches, BIS is situated inside a fourteenth century mansion, on a beautiful shopping street. Owner Peter Bijl de Vroe and his colleagues enjoy working in ‘a place that brings something new every day’.

    The owner had the intention of opening a restaurant for a long time when finally this beautiful location at the old canal near the Dom opened up. The decision to turn it into a restaurant was made instantly.