Blanc DŽIvoire
Den Haag, Frederikstraat

  • winkelen den haag blanc divoire
  • winkelen den haag blanc divoire
    Blanc d’Ivoire is a French lifestyle brand, which is only available in a few selected places in the Netherlands. The Blanc d’Ivoire store in the Hague offers anything in furniture and accessories: lamps, silverware, curtains, tables, chairs, beds and night stands.

    The store houses an extensive collection, which can be categorised as rural chic. A lot of people in France are getting acquainted with Blanc d’Ivoire and are delighted that the brand is also available in the Netherlands.

    Blanc d’Ivoire makes customers feel like their God in France. As soon as you cross the threshold, you are overcome by a holiday sensation. The rich wooden furniture and fabrics exude romance and warmth. One feels at ease instantly and is inclined to blissfully dream away.

    Owner Bets Nijssen-Brals had been working as an agent for the French Blanc d’Ivoire in the Netherlands for quite some time, when she decided to give the brand more exposure and open a store in our country.

    The Blanc d’Ivoire collection is extraordinarily suited for the decoration of a summer home. The brand’s furniture and accessories instantly take customers to holiday state of mind.

    Special opening hours
    In November and December every Thursday and Friday open until 19:00. sunday, 7, 14 and December 21 from 12.00 to 17.00. 

    Ninety percent of the collection is comprised of Blanc d’Ivoire merchandise.