Utrecht, Centrum

  • winkelen utrecht brandmeesters
  • winkelen utrecht brandmeesters
    In this shop there is a large and varies assortment of coffee beans specializing in espresso beans And everything out of the same burner. Besides this you have everything you need to make that perfect cup of espresso at home, such as the espresso machines with the well named makes, barista tools, china, various ways of making coffee and accessories. Also tea, cocoa, cd’s, books and other attractive presents.

    Service is in their high list of priorities at Brandmeesters, therefore, knowledge and experience play an important role, in the area of espresso coffee. This makes it an ideal world for the real coffee lovers.

    The shop has a new and modern feel to it, but on the other hand much attention is paid to the establishment.

    Next to several Brandmeester´s private label products: Machines: Jura, Quick Mill, ECM Manufacture, Siemens, Rancilio Sylvia, Ascaso, Kitchen Aid Porselein: Koziol, ASA, Kahla, Bodum Overige: Torani, Reg Barber, Stelton, Bialetti Food: Dolfin, New Tree.