Cafe Atlantis
Groningen, Centrum

  • winkelen groningen cafe atlantis
  • winkelen groningen cafe atlantis
    Café Atlantis is a playground for the mind. It is no wonder that the think game lovers are not to be driven out of this very friendly café. You are at the right address if you want to play a little chess, draughts, bridge, Go or Colonies. When you wish to combine your game with a Jupiler, a pear drink, a Beerenburg or a chat, you are guaranteed to have a great evening.

    On Fridays the fanaticism is pre-dominant: this can be equally an amateur or (semi) professional game of chess, with a large public and a cup of coffee. On the website cafeatlantis.nl one can read all about the various activities.

    It is always very pleasant here. Not for nothing is this snug café , to be found in the heart of Groningen between all the university buildings, and one can rely on a hearty evening with the customers. If the weather is good and sunny,then this is even nicer with the café facing the sunny side, this attracting many customers.

    The owner Bart der Marel worked fro years as a math’s teacher at Leeuwardens University Twente. With the opening of Atlantis he wished to share his love of games with the larger public.