Café Oosterling
Amsterdam, Utrechtsestraat

  • winkelen amsterdam cafe oosterling
  • winkelen amsterdam cafe oosterling
    This is a real 'brown pub'. A 104-year-old pub that evokes the atmosphere of the days and stories of Carmiggelt. Café Oosterling is a nostalgic and welcoming bar, due to its laidback attitude. It's a pub that has been owned by the same family for four generations. It is one of only a few bars/liquor stores, one where you can still walk in to buy a bottle of wine or liquor, including special Dutch 'jenevers'. The clientele is friendly and diverse. An added bonus is the fact that the patrons appreciate the authenticity of this calm establishment, which is located in a monumental building. As soon as the weather permits, if only for a second, you will be hard-pressed to find an open seat on the crowded terrace. Speciality: Dutch jenevers.