C'est Joli
Den Haag, Denneweg

  • winkelen den haag cest joli
  • winkelen den haag cest joli
    C´est Joli might not be very big, but it is all the more friendly for it; owners Jolanda and Lies always have a cup of coffee waiting for you. C’est Joli’s collection consists of versatile, exclusive but wearable, stylish feminine women’s fashion, jewellery, bags, boots, shawls, belts, and you’ll even find some trendy lifestyle items here as well. If you can’t see the forest for all the beautiful trees, both ladies will be more than ready to give you honest advice.

    C’est Joli’s clientele consists of a lot of expats and foreign tourists, day tourists and of course the warm people of the Hague. The decorative perfume bottles are remarkably popular, and they are the reason why even men manage to find their way to the store.

    The store’s atmosphere is warm and welcoming, partly due to the beautiful chandeliers that grace the ceiling. It is a boutique in the true sense of the word, small and cosy, but with a tasteful and modern decor.

    Sarah Pacini, Gerard Darel, Etoile du Monde, MC Planet, Kyra & Ko, Amor Lola, Indies, Vassalli, Sfizio and Beatrice and Closed. Bags by Gerard Darel, Michelangelo and Popcorn. Jewellery by Michal Negrin.