• winkelen amsterdam christies
  • winkelen amsterdam christies
    The remarkable collections of this famous auction house contain furniture, paintings, jewelry, porcelain, glass works, watches, unique wines and Chinese and Indian works of art. Anything from rare antiques to contemporary design, from the old masters to modern day works. View days, 4 days before the auction from 10.00 to 17.00, the last day till 16.00. Check the website for auction schedule. 

    The Amsterdam based establishmend holds 40 auctions annually. For each auction, there are four days during which visitors may explore the items free of charge. Everyone is welcome here, from the adventurer to the collector: Christie's accomodates every budget. You may visit Christie's - preferably by appointment - on all weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00 for a no-charge, no-obligations taxation. Is your work of art too big or too heavy? For a good first impression, a photograph will suffice, along with relevant information about the dimensions and signature of the work of art.  

    Christie's may be described as a museum that completely renews its collection forty times a year. The unique, wam and friendly atmosphere is a constant, and always invites visitors. Feel free to pose your questions to any of the specialists around here: the staff is always more than happy to discuss art, even if you're not immediately interested in buying anything here.

    James Christie began auctioning wine and stacks of hey in 1766. 240 years later, his company has grown into the world's leading, most succesful auction house, that has establishments from New York to Beijing. In 2005, Christie's profits grew by 38% to 3.2 billion dollars, the biggest profit ever for an auction house.

    The Amsterdam office is a market leader. The top selling piece of 2006 was a panel made by B.C. Koekkoek, that was sold on april the 26th for 1,4 million euros. The panel, found under a bed, became the most expensive piece of art ever auctioned in the Netherlands.