• winkelen amsterdam de doffer
  • winkelen amsterdam de doffer
    De Doffer is probably the only diner/cafe in Amsterdam that consists of two adjacent businesses; a day- and a night business. Besides a cosy drink, De Doffer also offers a tasty bite: especially the daily specials are to be recommended, but the Doffersalad and (among others) entrecote and sate are very popular.

    Meeting place for people who have stories to share and tourists from many countries form the base for a cafe where you’ll feel right at home.

    Friendly, timeless, seventies. Cosily busy, informal, briefly: no frills. And it’s open longer than other cafes daily: on weekdays, until 3 AM and in weekends, till 4 AM.

    A separate dining area for groups is available. The night café is available for private parties. So, if you want to throw a small party in downtown Amsterdam with your own bar? De Doffer is the place for you.