de Glaswerkplaats
Amsterdam, De 9 straatjes

  • winkelen amsterdam de glaswerkplaats
  • winkelen amsterdam de glaswerkplaats
    Various unique finds in glassware: everything from glass-appliques to glass-fusion to jewelry. Also for those with limited funds, prices start at only 90 euros! Also glass-in-lead ornaments.

    Almost every item is made right here in their own workshop, which is also used regularly for exhibitions. It’s possible to take classes and workshops here as well. The store also performs restorations and does custom made window placement. Glass-fusion entails the merging of different types of glasses and colors. Glass-appliqués are produced by attaching different types of glass to a hardened plate of glass with glue.

    It’s all about the fascinating process of producing glass, the way in which the materials, lighting and colors all play an indispensable part.

    Glass-objects will make for excellent gifts. The proprietor also provides exhibition-space for artists looking for a place to present their work to a wide audience. Glass-artists can get in touch through this address: info@glassierkunst.nl. Galleries interested in the art of Ton Verdegaal can also contact de Glaswerkplaats. Designers and artist looking for a place to have their glass-in-lead designs realized are welcome here.

    The owner is a glass-artist himself, he was educated in the art of glass-fusions and a student of modern art history. He has a lot of experience in the field of the performing arts, maily because he ran his own art-gallery before opening this store.