De kinderfeestwinkel
Amsterdam, De Pijp

  • winkelen amsterdam de kinderfeestwinkel
  • winkelen amsterdam de kinderfeestwinkel
    The store offers an extensive, varied collection, including toys, streamers, cake decorations, lamps, gift items, dinner service, doll houses and everything for princesses, pirates, knights, firemen, cowboys, Indians, and flamenco dancers. In short: a children’s paradise.

    The store’s name says it all, a trip to De Kinderfeestwinkel (The Children’s Party Story) is a party, for kids, but for their parents as well. The constantly changing collection never ceases to offer new surprises.

    It is a full and colourful store, with a whiff of nostalgia. You cannot avoid cracking a big smile as soon as you walk into this store. You always leave with that same smile still on your face.

    You can also rent dress-up chests for children’s parties, which are a full-proof guarantee for a great time!

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