De Korenbloem
Deventer, Centrum

  • winkelen deventer de korenbloem
  • winkelen deventer de korenbloem
    This shop is a paradise for children, and also for the parents who are searching for learning and responsible toys for their children. They have wooden toys and dolls, also fabric made toys, and from metal, rubber and man made materials. Besides this they have coloring books, arty cards, up to date new age articles such as protecting angels, in season dolls and do-it-yourself doll kits. They also have conscious seasonal products in the Christmas period, and Easter eggs in the Spring time.

    The Korenbloen work consciously with anthropology ideology. Using as much as possible natural products, and the developing of the child’s mind is extremely important to them.

    Because of the lovely warm colors there is always a cosy feeling in this shop.

    Minke van der Ven opened the shop in 1984. When she was searching for special lovely toys she discovered there was no shop that really offered what she was looking for. In her eyes she couldn’t find a shop in Deventer that sold such good quality toys, and thus she decided to start up on her own.

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