De Treinenpassage
Leeuwarden, Centrum

  • winkelen leeuwarden de treinenpassage
  • winkelen leeuwarden de treinenpassage
    This specialised business for model builders is an institution among true collectors. Not only does De Treinenpassage offer a huge number of new and old model trains and cars, it also has an extensive collection of houses, trees and animals for model train sets; model racing tracks, plastic building sets and digital products.

    The collection second hand model train and cars is particularly unique in the Netherlands. De Treinenpassage can therefore count on a very loyal, steady clientele. But people visiting the job on a whim also find themselves taken by surprise in this candy store for adults.

    The friendly staff not only shares the customers’ passion for model building, but is also highly professional. Let yourself be given professional advice, or stop by for a chat in the special train compartment. De Treinenpassage, situated in the centre of town, is easily accessible by car.

    When he started this business, owner René van El literally turned is hobby into his job. No wonder he loves sharing his love for model building with his visitors.