De Verwondering
Maastricht, Wyck

  • winkelen maastricht de verwondering
  • winkelen maastricht de verwondering
    The experts already know: Maastricht’s hip Wyck neighbourhood is home to a large number of fun and surprising shopping addresses! De Verwondering is one of those remarkable little businesses. It is home to a constantly changing collection of great furniture, original greeting cards, unique jewellery and leather, rugs and other accessories to brighten up your house, including wonderful candles.

    Because the collection is constantly changing, it always has something new to offer. For yourself or as a gift. The wonderful old closets that decorate the store are also for sale by the way! Most items in the store are rather unique and won’t appear in other stores, which makes this a great place to find some inspiration. To name a few of the available brands: Pol's Potten, Camps&Camps, Nouvelles Images, Romi, Qualy, PPD, Miho, Arly, Funiture, Otentic and Klevering.

    De Verwondering’s atmosphere is calm and warm. Its colourful collection will make you feel warm and happy as soon as you walk in. It also houses a large collection of ethnic products, including Fair Trade. The clientele ranges from young to old. The jewellery is particularly popular with female customers.

    This is also the right place for remarkable gift items. With a little bit of luck you’ll be able to park right outside. The rest of the neighbourhood (on the opposite side of the Maas river from the infamous Vrijthof) is home to a number of great little stores as well. So be sure to cross the river every once in a while.

    Pol's Potten, Camps&Camps, Nouvelles Images, Romi, Qualy, PPD, Miho, Arlu, Funiture, Otentic, Klevering.