De Witte Tanden Winkel
Rotterdam, Nieuwe Binnenweg

  • winkelen rotterdam de witte tanden winkel
  • winkelen rotterdam de witte tanden winkel
    A store entirely devoted to beautiful teeth, it literally has everything to keep your teeth healthy and clean. It obviously sells (electrical) toothbrushes, and specialised toothpaste (for instance Euthymol by Pfizer!), but also rinses, tongue cleaners, bleaches, and so and so forth. The Netherlands does not have many specialists like this one.

    De Witte Tanden Winkel offers not only diversity, but also knowledge and expertise. For questions on bleaching of a great number of other dental treatments, this is the place to be.

    Despite its specialist nature, the store has an atmosphere that can be described as truly open. Furthermore, it is great fun to just look around and buy a different tube of toothpaste for a change. It truly does make a difference…

    Owner Cor Quist has run his store on the Nieuwe Binnenweg for over 25 years now. Dissatisfied with the limited number of toothcare products on offer at the time, he started his business and his collection has done nothing but grow since then.

    Butler, Curaprox, Euthymol, Miradent, Lactona, Tandex.