de Wolky Shop
Utrecht, Centrum

  • winkelen utrecht de wolky shop
  • winkelen utrecht de wolky shop
  • winkelen utrecht de wolky shop
  • winkelen utrecht de wolky shop
  • winkelen utrecht de wolky shop
    A highly varied collection of shoes, sandals, high heels and slippers. During the summer choose from lots of loafers and during wintertime look for boots here.

    This is the pilot store for Wolky, being grounded in what the customers want is crucial here. In this pilot store you’ll find a lot of try-outs for shoes and sandals. Comfort is essential, walking and working without ever being bothered by your shoes is what counts. All of the models have so called footbeds, easily replaced by correcting heels when needed.

    Very colorful. The models come in five different colors (on average) and are available in all sizes, feel free to try them on. But there is always a salesperson present to assist whenever needed. This store is a popular spot for those wanting to make the most of their ensembles, trying on everything to see what matches best. Other storekeepers are welcome to come by for inspiration.

    The colorful collection draws customers from all over, Germans, Canadians and Americans to name but a few. Steering clear of high heels and spikey noses has led to a great deal of clientèle from the Mediterranean as well. People are introduced to a new world when trying Wolky for the first time: ‘we never knew walking could be this comfortable!’.

    The Wolky motto is: ‘people aren’t obligated to buy, they’re free to’.