Dekker Antiquairs
Amsterdam, Spiegelkwartier

  • winkelen amsterdam dekker antiquairs
  • winkelen amsterdam dekker antiquairs
    The collection consists of small Dutch table silver and étagère silver, antique and engraved jeweller, objects de vertu and antique pocket watches.

    Dekker Antiquairs carries a unique selection. The items cannot be ordered. They are dependent on the supply, from estates, but also from private collections. The collection of antique watches is very wide and unmatched in the Netherlands. Many collectors and enthusiasts have quickly found their way to Dekker.

    The store’s atmosphere is old fashioned. It is a cordial store where you can enjoy a wide selection of beautiful items that are not common to our time. Every item has its own story. Quite often, they are cultural heritage.

    Appraisals are also possible.

    The store started back in 1938 and was founded by owner Ron Verburg-Dekker’s parent, whose father was a watch and clock maker. Later she and her husban Dick Verburg took over the store.

    Patek Philippe, Breguet,IWC, Jaeger Le Coultre, Cartier, Fouquet, Masriera, Fontenay,V.C.& A, Wiese, Boucheron, Tiffany, L.Gautrait, Van Geffen, Van Strant, Bonebakker, Van Kempen & Begeer.