DEKSELS! lekkere dingen
Amsterdam, Haarlemmerdijk

  • winkelen amsterdam deksels lekkere dingen
  • winkelen amsterdam deksels lekkere dingen
    Deksels is a wonderful place serving great food and drinks. To name but a few: Brandmeesters (Aficionado) espresso, carefully selected wines (servings per glass are available) and chilled water to complement your meal or cup of coffee. The menu changes regularly, but a number of well-loved classics will stay on the menu, including rib-eye with bearnaise sauce, fresh pasta and the infamous raspberry cheesecake. Truly a place for people who enjoy the finer things in life.

    The menu offers a number of wines per glass, and even more per bottle, a wide collection of whisky’s, cognac, grappa and other spirits (over one hundred drinks are available). The hardware is top notch as well, including pans and knives provided by Deksels! Kitchen supplies. The door is always open, even if you only want to stop by for a drink or dessert. You can stay for a small snack after your drinks or choose to enjoy a full meal! For those on a budget it might be interesting to know that the most affordable wine on the menu is both wonderful and a great deal at €2.90. Remarkable is the fact that the cutlery and dinnerware is also for sale! 

    The bistro may not be very large, but it is home to a number of various atmospheres. The front is open and light, housing the bar, wine and drink cabinet. The lower midsection is a little more intimate with cosy little benches. The back of the bistro offers tables with a view of the open kitchen and a modest terrace is also available. In other words, there is a setting for each occasion! The personal approach is also very pleasurable. The staff is more than willing to offer advice wherever it may be necessary.

    Like Deksels! Kitchen supplies, Deksels! lekkere dingen focuses on people who enjoy the finer things in life, like great food and drinks. Tourists, business people and moviegoers have all found their way to this unique little business. And of course, a large number of people from the store’s own ‘backyard’ drop by. The Haarlemmerdijk is something of a small-town street in the middle of a large city. Versatile, specialized and above all, welcoming. The street is alive and bustling. See also Deksels! keukenspullen.