• winkelen den haag dekxels
  • winkelen den haag dekxels
    Restaurant slash sampler of Eastern appetizers. To give you an impression of the tasty offerings: salad with tempura shrimp and miso mayonnaise, baked flatfish with langoustines on risotto with white butter soy, ox tournedos with goose liver and soy… Dekxels has a large patio for 40 people in the backyard.

    Great price / quality ratio, attractive presentation of the food, personal atmosphere and service. A diner for people looking for a real night out, where you’ll be eating in a great contemporary atmosphere.

    Moden yet warm, stylish. The combination of modern and old (tacky and classical) and the cosy corners make for a great atmosphere.

    The owners started this restaurant out of their passion for cosiness. ‘People always leave satisfied. You’re responsible for making their evening fun, they do the same for you; they make your job awesome. Of course this doesn’t just happen, you have to work hard for it.’