Delphi Grieks Restaurant
Leiden, Leiden Centrum

  • winkelen leiden delphi grieks restaurant
  • winkelen leiden delphi grieks restaurant
    In this cosy restaurant you’ll taste everything from the delicious kitchen of western Greece. The typical Greek stews are prepared in an old-fashioned manner with beautiful herbs from that part of the country.

    The restaurant is situated in a beautiful spot on the Nieuwe Rijn. The service is friendly and has a lot of experience in the Greek food business. Delphi is always lively and very affordable!

    In Delphi you may enjoy the Greek atmosphere in a casual manner, as if you were on holidays. The beautifully decorated store is decorated with typical and genuine Greek ornaments, which gives the restaurant a very typical Greek family atmosphere.

    The Ganteris family, owners of Delphi, has years of experience in the restaurant business.