Dendy Bar Restaurant
Den Haag, Denneweg

  • winkelen den haag dendy bar restaurant
  • winkelen den haag dendy bar restaurant
    Dendy Bar Restaurant offers a concept that is unique in the Hague. Coffee, Drinks & food. This trendy establishment is located on the classy Denneweg, and it has its own barista who can make the best cappuccino’s and latte macchiato’s. Not only is delicious coffee served and sold here, you can also stop by for the finest wines and champagnes, which you can enjoy during lunch or diner. Dendy’s products are super fresh. The lunch menu offers a selection of fast, easy dishes, like noodles and sushi. The diner menu, which, like the lunch menu, changes every quarter, also offers convenience: dishes can be ordered in large and small quantities.a.

    Dendy Bar Restaurant is popular among flamboyant people. From estate agents to culinary gourmands, from coffee enthusiasts to people in their thirties who love the delicious Veuve Clicquot champagne or the popular Grey Goose vodk

    Dendy’s look is super hip with detailed quality. The large walnut bar with copper accents, aubergine coloured Chesterfields on the raised podium and white couches with snake leather seats on the lowered area are an aesthetic marvel.

    Among others, Veuve Clicquot Champagne and Grey Goose Vodka.