Dierenspeciaalzaak Bello
Amsterdam, Haarlemmerdijk

  • winkelen amsterdam dierenspeciaalzaak bello
  • winkelen amsterdam dierenspeciaalzaak bello
    For over 14 years, Bello has been Amsterdam’s premier speciality store for pet food and luxurious pet care products for all kinds of pets. Its wide collection varies from leather for your dog to beautiful fish tanks for tropical as well as cold water fish (both of which are also available at Bello’s by the way).

    This is a real neighbourhood store, and owner Peter Trilsbeek has worked on the Haarlemmerdijk for 25 years, as a result of which, he knows his customers very well. Peter’s extensive experience has ensured that people comeback regularly with questions concerning their pets. He rarely dissappoints…

    Bello’s atmosphere is typical for this part of the Haarlemmerdijk, people love to chat and crack jokes.

    Fourteen years ago, Peter knew he wanted to do something for animals, and he noticed that there was a need for special pet gift items. When a spot on ‘the Dijk’ became vacant, he jumped at the chance. The fact that Bello is still doing very well proves that his intuition was right.