Djoeke Wessing
Amsterdam, De 9 straatjes

  • winkelen amsterdam djoeke wessing
  • winkelen amsterdam djoeke wessing
    A true paradise for fans of art deco and jugendstil. The luscious collection of furniture, upholstery, matte glass lamps and beautiful accessories seems to have come straight from the world famous Tuschinski-theatre. Collectors from all over the world are happy to make a detour to this remarkable address, and customers are lured in by the fabulous window display.

    The art deco-upholstery is available in a plethora of patterns and colors. A lot of the fabric is authentic, hand-made in the old-fashioned way in the original factories. Thanks to a rich offering of replicas, even a limited budget will give you many options here.

    Even many world cities have no place like this. A first visit will get you hooked.

    Supplier to, among others, the Tuschinski theatre and Hotel Americain. Click the link next to this text to take a look at the unique collection.

    Owner Djoeke Wessing opened the store that she herself missed so badly almost thirty years ago. She turned out not to be alone in this; her store has grown ever since then, drawing customers from afar.