Drogisterij het Heertje
Amsterdam, Prinsen- & Herenstraat

  • winkelen amsterdam drogisterij het heertje
  • winkelen amsterdam drogisterij het heertje
    This drugstore is the place to for homeopathic medication, nutritional supplements, body care products and other domestic necessities.

    Drogisterij het Heertje’s collection is geared towards the customer, as opposed to being centrally regulated. Furthermore, it is possible to order products as well and often you’ll be able to pick them up the next day. This way, the store will always be able to offer you exactly what you need.

    It is a traditional store that has been around for ninety years. Service is paramount, and the customer truly is king.

    The store’s façade is graced by the hallmark of any great traditional drugstore, a yawning More. Miniatures of this yawning head are for sale as well and can be found inside, in a glass display case.

    AOV, VSM, Solgar, Orhtica, Roter, Roger et Gallet, Louis Widmer, Gouda candles, Hagerty, Dylon.