Amsterdam, De Pijp

  • winkelen amsterdam duikelman
  • winkelen amsterdam duikelman
    The business is composed of two stores. One is aimed at cookbooks, table linen and porcelain, the other focuses on free-standing kitchen appliances, and it specialises in gas stoves.

    Duikelman has been a family business since 1940. They possess a thorough knowledge of the products they sell and they love to help you on your way with professional advice. Customer care is one of this store’s key aspects.

    The atmosphere in this store is primarily dominated by the products. On the one hand you can browse around the many cookbooks, trying to prevent your jaw from hitting the floor, and on the other hand there are the robust, mostly stainless steel, appliances. This combination makes for one enjoyable shopping experience.

    Located around the corner, on the Ferdinand Bolstraat, is another Duikelman branch, specialising in professional cooking utensils.

    Store 1: Pillivuyt, Pordamsa, Saturnia,Apilco, Royal Boch, Black Pottery, Ginza, Leitner, Skjalm P, Ten Cate, Elias. Store 2: Boretti, Smeg, Viking, Aga, M-System, Prosolo, Gram, Gutmann, Berbel, Sirius, ABK-InnoVent and Asko.