• winkelen haarlem durf
  • winkelen haarlem durf
    Durf! is one of those fun places where one loves to browse, and where you can be tempted by the surprising collection, which ranges from clothes by American Vintage to small furniture such as cupboards, tables, and stools; you’ll find a colorful mixture of old and new here. Part of the lifestyle product collection is home designed and produced. You’ll also see many fun products by Scandinavian brands here.

    The owner is always looking for original products. At the moment she carries olive oil by a Dutch gentleman who has his own olive yard in Spain, and who produces the oil with a lot of passion. You’ll also find beautiful ceramics by a ceramicist from Israel. The collection is frequently updated, so be sure to drop by and have a look!

    Durf! is small but full of character. Color is obviously the owner’s passion, which one sees in the store. She follows her heart and passion when buying, which always results in a surprising collection.

    The store is closed on Mondays. Tip: there are frequent fun events at Durf, so keep your eye on their schedule. The Gierstraat is a shopping street with many fun, original stores and specialty boutiques. Definitely worth a visit!

    Clothes by American Vintage and several other original brands.