Eetcafé Einstein
Leiden, Leiden Centrum

  • winkelen leiden eetcafe einstein
  • winkelen leiden eetcafe einstein
    In Etablissement Einstein you can get excellent lunch or dinner. The Dutch kitchen changes its menu every six months so that you’ll always find new food available here. As a speciality, Einstein has Thai meals every Sunday and Monday. These are prepared by true Thai chefs. With the combination of 2 days of Thai meals and 5 days of Dutch meals, it’s the only restaurant of its kind in Europe.

    The restaurant is situated across from city hall in the historical downtown district, on one of the most beautiful canals of Leiden. The beautiful patio has seating for 80 people inside, and another 120 outside. Einstein has a large room which is very suitable for hosting graduation- and promotion dinner parties. The restaurant is well known for its quick and friendly service.

    The atmosphere in this restaurant can definitely be called informal, warm, casual and homely. Etablissement Einstein is praised for its informal atmosphere, which mainly students and international visitors appreciate.

    The scientist to which this diner owes its name, Einstein, has lived in Leiden for five years. It’s possible that he came up with his theory of relativity here.