Esther Goud- en Zilversmid
Amsterdam, Utrechtsestraat

  • winkelen amsterdam esther goud en zilversmid
  • winkelen amsterdam esther goud en zilversmid
    Esther van Dijk’s gallery is home to a broad and varied collection of gold and silver jewellery, including gems and pearls. It also has several Amara Onwuka pieces on display.

    Esther makes a lot of the jewellery she sells herself, and has been working as jewelsmith since 1996. She loves working with precious stones. Because she also works commissions, she will happily repair your old jewellery or make one of your own designs come to life.

    The store is quietly, but tastefully decorated. The display cases, each with its own shape and colour, combine with the rugs on the floor to give the store a warm and cosy atmosphere.

    The website allows you to take a virtual tour through Ester’s gallery. It also lets you take a sneak peak into her extensive collection.

    Band of Angels, mostly house designs otherwise.