Faber Schoenen
Haarlem, Kleine Houtstraat

  • winkelen haarlem faber schoenen
  • winkelen haarlem faber schoenen
  • winkelen haarlem faber schoenen
    Shoes by the best brands, and shoe repairs. (Semi) orthopaedic shoes. Corrections to shoes (such as heightening/lowering heels). At this old-fashioned store you may also have foot support measured. The shoe repairs take place in the store’s own workshop and orthopaedic shoe-atelier.

    Great service and expertise are typical of this place. The shoes by the different brands have one thing in common: they’re very ‘foot-friendly’ and find their way throughout the Netherlands. Even customers who migrated elsewhere, still find their way to Faber. On Mondays and Tuesdays the store is closed: these days are reserved for shoe repairs and custom orthopaedic work in the atelier.

    Shop then, Shoes now!
    The stylish interior has hardly changed over the decades. The collection, on the other hand, is very cutting edge. The store is located in the Kleine Houtstraat, with its pleasant diversity of stores.

    125 years Faber Schoenen
    Faber Schoenen (since 1890) is a family owned business, and Eric and Elly Faber, the current owners, are fourth generation.

    Since 1991 this store is the supplier to the Dutch Palace.

    Arcopedico, Glerups, Arriva, PoccoPazza, El Naturalista, Mephisto, Finn Comfort, Hartjes, Rembrandt, Piedro (Dr. Livingstone), Ambiorix, Vivacy, Solidus.