Fashion Flairs
Amsterdam, De 9 straatjes

  • winkelen amsterdam fashion flairs
  • winkelen amsterdam fashion flairs
    The true fashion enthusiast will never want to leave this store. It has a wide range of women’s fashion, representing a variety of styles.

    You won’t find much difficulty trying to find your ideal outfit at FashionFlairs Clothing. There is ample choice and you’ll find a great variety of different styles. The collection, the helpful staff, and the cool atmosphere will make you want to come back.

    The store is located on one of the historic 9 streets, in the centre of Amsterdam, but with a village-like atmosphere. The store’s atmosphere is personal and warm. Service is always friendly and professional.

    FashionFlairs consists of two stores, FashionFairs Clothing and FashionFairs Accessoires, both located on the Berenstraat.

    The store´s owner, Bernadette de Haan, started 5 years ago, opening an accessory store in Amsterdam´s Berenstraat, named Parisienne, and inspired by French jewellery stores. She soon expanded, and currently owns two more stores, FashionFlairs Clothing and FashionFlairs Accessories.