Fashion Lab.
Utrecht, Centrum

  • winkelen utrecht fashion lab
  • winkelen utrecht fashion lab
    This shop has ladies and mans clothing. They have really hip clothes from Scandinavia. Clothes with style and fitting to the Dutch consumers wishes.

    Fashion Lab. has a vast clothing collection from Scandinavia brands. They have top brand makes, but they also offer clothes from lesser known brands. Service is the keyword in this shop. You feel like a king. Clothes can always be exchanged, and if any adjustments are needed, they do so at the cost of Fashion Fab. On top of this you are spoiled with an espresso or perhaps a glass of wine in the weekend.

    In spite of the Scandinavian influence the shop has a less clinical décor than that of the ones in Scandinavia. Gary Dekkers, the owner has given the shop a relaxed warm atmosphere. The shop is named after Labrador Sandra, who has given special attention to the home loving atmosphere.

    Dekkers worked for three years in a successful fashion shop, where there were many different styles of fashion to be purchased. According to him this didn’t always work for him, so he decided to start up his own business with the same cohesion. He discovered, that there was a big demand for stylish, hip clothing in Utrecht that wasn’t too mitch and match. The Scandinavian clothes that he sells completely fills the label.

    ilippa K., Bruuns Bazaar, Mads Nørgaard, S'NOB, St.-Martins, Margit Brandt, Stella Nova, Soul Made, Maria Westerlind, SUIT, System.