• winkelen leiden fiorella
  • winkelen leiden fiorella
    Beautiful ladies' fashion, made in the Netherlands, which is appropriately complemented by a unique collection of accesories by Beauregard, Metal Pointus and others.

    The collection is stunningly unique. The owner always succeeds in buying the most beautiful pieces for her store. Self-aware women of all ages and all budgets may come here for any occasion.

    Fiorella is situated in a historic landmark building, in the middle of Leiden's historic town center, and combines historic beauty with modern, fresh, feminine ambiance.

    After her education in fashion, the owner gained extensive experience in styling and design before eventually translating her ambition to her own store. Even now she enjoys letting her creativity run wild and helping her customers find beautiful and fitting combinations.

    Stills, Hans Ubbink, Nougat, Summum, No Man's Land, Dept and Turnover.