Galerie Urban Photos
Rotterdam, Het Laurenskwartier

  • winkelen rotterdam galerie urban photos
  • winkelen rotterdam galerie urban photos
    A choice of gorgeous city photographs, in any desired size. You can browse photographs of Rotterdam from 1849 to the present day, but also almost all Dutch city archives. Besides that, custom pictures can be scanned and ‘blown up’. The pictures can be framed, and the store delivers throughout the Netherlands, and abroad if desired.

    The customer base consists of a broad age range (18 to 80) looking for something fitting to go on their wall, or a great birthday- or farewell present. Many business customers come here for office decoration and relationship gifts. Besides the city photographs, more and more custom pictures are resized, retouched, and printed on Kodak photo-cardboard, then printed on dibond with a protective coating – giving photos a beautiful museum-like look. More and more requests are received online for resizing and printing photos from different Dutch archives.

    The gallery is homely, accessible, and cozy. The space has high ceilings, large and comfortable seats, plants, a reading table, and especially large to very large paintings on the wall. What’s great about the neighborhood is that there are many different stores here, but few big chains, and a great mix of restaurants/cafes and specialty stores as well.

    Photographs and collections by Rotterdam city archives, Voet publisher, Huib Nederhof, Carel van Hees, Harry Mosch, Cristoph Michael, and almost all Dutch archives.