Haagse Kunstkring
Den Haag, Denneweg

  • winkelen den haag haagse kunstkring
  • winkelen den haag haagse kunstkring
    Contemporary art: paintings, drawings, ceramics, ‘blacksmiths art’.

    The Haagse Kunstkring is a non-commercial association for artists. Established in 1891 when art-galleries were not around yet, the goal was and still is to make art accessible to the public. Every three weeks a new exhibition is held. A beautiful space, in part due to the garden.

    The interior is neutral and the atmosphere is informal. The street itself is lively and nostalgic: many houses are still in their original state, many antique shops are to be found. Contemporary art in such a place makes for a refreshing contrast.

    Famed Dutch cabaret artist Paul van Vliet was born in the residence and still drops by from time to time.